Enteral Nutrition Nurse Support

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Medical nurse doing checkup to senior man patient during coronavirus outbreak home visit
  • Explain the indications of enteral nutrition to patients and their relatives.
  • Explain the contraindications of enteral nutrition.
  • Provides training and consultancy on the use of enteral nutrition pumps and sets.
  • Explains the application, storage and storage process in order to maintain the stability of the products, and informs the patients and their relatives.
  • It makes/provides gastric residual measurement.
  • Evaluates the amount of gastric residue and nutritional status of the patient.
  • Observes the patient in terms of nutritional adequacy, nutrition in the right way, with the right method, at the right dose, in the appropriate position.
  • It organizes enteral nutrition at home and enables the patient/patient relative to gain knowledge and skills.

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