Truth And Reliable COVID-19 Tests

What Do You Want To Have Tested For?​

Traveling Abroad

I need a PCR test for travel. I need to get tested at an approved lab.

I have symptoms/I am in contact

I suspect I have COVID-19/A relative has been diagnosed.

I Want to Take a Test at My Workplace/School

I want to have a screening test at my workplace/school.

Our nearest test center is your home in Ankara.

Samples are taken by our experienced nurses in the comfort of your home and studied in our laboratory in Ankara approved by the Ministry of Health.

Coronavirus test in the elderly people
Laboratory Testing Patient’s Blood Samples for Presence of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Test Tube

COVID-19 Tests

It is carried out by our COVID-19 laboratory (Omega Genetic Diagnostic Evaluation Center) within Omega and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Antibody test, neutralization test and T-cell immune system test are performed in our R&D laboratory within Omega Clinical Research.

  • RT-PCR Test

    The test is performed with a standard method used in the diagnosis of COVID-19 and the result is reported. At the same time, results can be reached via e-Nabız.

  • Rapid Antigen Test

    With rapid antigen tests, which do not have an official validity but have been scientifically proven, COVID-19 testing can be performed within 15 minutes.

  • Post Vaccine Antibody Test

    With the antibody test, which can be done with the ELISA method by taking your blood, you can learn the antibody level in your immune system after vaccination. If your antibody level is low, a booster dose is recommended.

  • Post Vaccine Neutralization Test

    With this test, which can be performed in very few centers in our country, the amount of antibodies that can destroy the virus (neutralization) in your blood can be measured. These tests are also used in vaccine studies to show the effectiveness of the vaccine.

  • Post Vaccine T-cell Test (Coming Soon)

    The "t-cell test" (with ELISPOT and Flow-Cytometry Devices), which can measure antibodies that are in the memory of your immune system after vaccination and that can be regenerated when you encounter the virus, can only be performed in Omega R&D laboratories in our country.

Call our call center for your questions, and our experienced friends will answer your questions.

How Can We Help?

Please fill out our contact form regarding which COVID-19 test you need, to book a test, or for any questions you may have. Our Call Center representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

Will being vaccinated change my COVID-19 test result?

Being vaccinated does not change your RT-PCR test result or rapid antigen test result.

For more information

Our call center representatives try to support you as much as possible. For more and detailed information, you can visit the relevant website of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

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