Patient Education at Home

Specialist health personnel provide training to the patient or the patient’s relative who is interested in his care, through home visits or video calls.

For information, please call our customer service at

0312 920 00 15.

Anticoagulant Injection. Preventing Thrombosis during Covid-19

Home Blood Thinner Injection Training

Bruise on leg. Injection bruises. Bruised wound injury and Bruised skin

Hemophilia Injection Training at Home

Healthcare and Medicine

Peritoneal Dialysis Training at Home

Home Health Come to your home.

Let's answer your questions, bring health to your home.

Fill in the contact form and send it to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Omega Çare  With its technology-oriented service approach, Home Health Services offers health services in the environment where you feel most comfortable. 

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