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Medical nurse doing checkup to senior man patient during coronavirus outbreak home visit


  • Describes the indications of enteral nutrition to patients and their relatives.
  • Describes the contraindications of enteral nutrition.
  • Provides training and consultancy on using the enteral nutrition pumps and sets.
  • Informs the patients and their relatives about the administration, storage and storage process to maintain the stability of the products.
  • Makes/ensures gastric residual measurement.
  • Examine the amount of gastric residue and nutritional status of the patient.
  • Monitors the patient by means of nutritional adequacy and if the nutrition is in the right way, with the right method, at the right dose and in the appropriate position.
  • Organizes home enteral nutrition and ensures the patient/patient relative gained knowledge and skills.


    • Describes the indications of parenteral nutrition
    • Guides the use of tools and equipment required in preparation and administration of mixtures.
    • Describes the storage conditions required to maintain the stability of the mixtures.
    • Describes the properties and storage conditions of nutrition bags
Senior woman in video tele medicine call with doctor
Doctor working at the table



  • Follow-up of oncology patients in their homes by experienced oncology nurses in coordination with the physician following them. After the evaluation of their physician via video call, the blood collection for the laboratory tests s/he requested and the administration of the physician’s order at the patient’s home according to the test results are provided by Omega-Care. This provides significant comfort by enabling oncology patients to meet their physicians without going to the hospital.


  • Omega-Care provides training to the patients/their relatives on drug use after the prescription of drugs, the use of which is subject to special permission by Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency.


Infusion pump or Saline solution intravenous drip for patient
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Omega-Care provides uninterrupted maintenance of all medical/psychological support, care and treatment of the geriatric patients.

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